Grades and Transcripts

Grades are not posted anywhere nor are any written term grade reports automatically issued.  Grades will not be given out over the phone, via email, or FAX.  The way students may find out their grades for a given semester after the end of the final exam period is to use the Online Grades Report.   Grades are available approximately 48 hours after the final exam has been completed.    Please note that the Online Grade Report may only be accessed with a valid NetID and Password.  Mid-semester warning grades are also displayed on the Term Grade Report for undergraduate students.

Students may also order a single semester grade report (necessary for some employment re-imbursements or other purposes) by going to the Term Grade Report Request Form.   This request form generates a hard copy semester grade report that may be either picked up at the Registrar’s Office in person or mailed to a specified address.    Semester Term Grade reports may be ordered within one academic year of the time of the semester.   Individual semester grade reports more than one year old are not available – the student must order a transcript in those cases.

The transcript is the official record of the academic performance of the student at the university.   Students may acquire either an unofficial transcript (which may be used to informally see classwork or grades) or an official university transcript, which is the official document recording the students academic record at the university. 

The unofficial transcript for the student may be viewed at any time by going to the Student Unoffical Transcript and Grades website and logging into that site using their NetID and password.   Unofficial transcripts do not bear the seal of the university.  Unofficial transcripts are only available to currently enrolled Rutgers-Camden students.

Official Transcripts must be ordered from the Registrar's Office. To order transcripts, student should go to the Transcript Request website. Be advised that students will require a NetID to access the current student transcript request.  Transcripts may be mailed directly to the student or to the institution of the student's choice (address required), or may be ordered for pick-up in the Registrar's Office.  The first two official transcripts are free for current students.   Veterans and active military are not charged for transcripts.   Alumni and Former Rutgers students may use the same site to order Official Transcripts using their RUID or Social Security number if they do not have an active NetID.   Note that transcript requests for non-current students are charged $7 per transcript. 

Please note that transcripts for the Summer Session are only available after the entire summer session has been completed and all grades submitted for the entire session.  Individual summer term grade reports are not available.

Students may obtain either an Instant Verification of Enrollment or an Official Verification of Enrollment at the Transcript Request website.  Be advised that students will require a NetID to access the current student transcript request.  These reports confirm that the student is actively enrolled in Rutgers University.

Grades represent the student's performance in a course and are recorded by the instructor within 48 hours of the end of the exam period.  

Grades are given out with the following symbols:



Numerical Equivalent






















Please note that Rutgers does not give out "minus" grades (such as "A-" or "B-"). A grade of C or better is usually required for Major or Minor courses, while General Requirement courses must only be passed with a D or better.

Other valid grade symbols are:

  • S/U: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory - given only when a course is taken on a non-credit basis. Courses graded S/U do not count towards the total number of credits for graduation and do not affect the student’s grade point average (GPA), but count as credits attempted for purposes of determining full-time/part-time status or for financial aid.   
  • PA/NC: Pass/No Credit - a non-numerical grade of PA/NC is assigned only to Rutgers University regularly enrolled students who have registered for an undergraduate course on a Pass/Fail basis when such registration is in accordance with the regulations of the school. PA (Pass) is equivalent to an A, B, or C, while NC (No credit) is equivalent to a D or F.
  • IN: Incomplete - may be used by the instructor when the student is unable to fulfill the course requirements and the completion of such would substantially improve the grade. The instructor must submit an Electronic Change of Grade to change the IN to an appropriate letter grade.  Instructors must use the Incomplete Grade Extension Form to extend the IN grade beyond the normal deadline.  Undergraduate students who receive a grade of Incomplete will convert to an F according to the following schedule:
    Fall: February 1
    Winter:  February 15
    Spring: June 1
    Summer: September 15
    Graduate IN grades do not convert to an F.
  • W: Withdrawn - indicates a student has officially withdrawn from class(es). If a student has stopped attending a class, the professor should assign a grade of TZ.
  • TZ: Temporarily assigned by an instructor to a student who has never attended or stopped attending a course without officially withdrawing. The instructor should in the comments section of the course roster indicate the last day of attendance if the student stopped attending a class, or should indicate "Never Attended" if the student never attended the class. TZ’s will convert to F’s according to the following schedule:
    Fall: May 1
    Spring: December 1
    Summer:  December 1
    Winter: April 1
  • RD/RF: Re-examination permitted. For use only when the instructor cannot assign a grade better than D and considers the final examination grade to be dramatically inconsistent with the student’s previous work as to merit a re-examination. The instructor should arrange with the student a re-examination, and the instructor must then process a change of grade. This must be done before February 1 for Fall and Winter, June 1 for Spring, and September 15 for Summer. At that time, an RD will convert to a D and an RF will convert to an F unless a change of grade has been submitted.

Graduate School–Camden: A,B+,B,C+,C,F,S/U,IN,W,TZ
School of Business–Camden: A,B+,B,C+,C,F,S/U,IN,W,TZ
Graduate School-New Brunswick: A,B+,B,C+,C,F,S/U,IN,W,TZ
School of Social Work: A,B+,B,C+,C,F,IN,W,TZ
Graduate School-Newark: A,B+,B,C+,C,F,S/U,IN,W,TZ

Warning grades are submitted by instructors after the seventh week of each Fall and Spring term. Warning grades indicate either satisfactory progress, or deficiency in either attendance or academic performance (or both).  The warnings are indicated by the following symbols:

  • W0: Student is making Satisfactory Progress
  • W1: Warning for poor academic performance
  • W2: Warning for poor course attendance
  • W3: Warning for both poor attendance and academic performance

Warning grades may be viewed by students by logging into the website

Note that the Warning Grade code (W#) does not appear anywhere on the student transcript.