The Office of the Registrar has been reviewing the Scheduling Grid introduced to the Camden Campus in Fall 2017.  The point of this process is to address some concerns that have arisen since the new grid’s introduction, especially with consideration to the demands of our growing enrollments and physical campus size, and to see what, if any, modifications should be made to the grid to improve the student and faculty experience.  We are looking for input into the process, and what features faculty, students, and staff want to see represented in any changes made to the Scheduling Grid.  The goal is to be as inclusive and transparent as possible throughout the process.
This process will have nine steps:

  1. A committee formed from representatives from Arts and Sciences, Business, Nursing, and the administration will convene to devise strategies to address the problems. (completed)
  2. The Registrar's Office will conduct a series of information sessions directed at each of the involved units (but open to anybody) to outline the issues and potential solutions.  These sessions will be recorded and posted to this site. (completed)
  3. A Survey will be sent to all faculty, staff, and students to get direct feedback on all issues and concerns.
  4. Survey data will be collected and analyzed and the results published on this site.
  5. The committee will review the data and make some proposals based on the feedback and practical concerns.
  6. The proposals will go out to the Deans and the faculty/staff for review and consideration.
  7. The committee will create a tentative final version based on faculty/staff review.  This will then be sent to Student Government for review and commentary.
  8. Any feedback from the Student Govt. will be reviewed by the committee, and any appropriate changes made.
  9. The changes (if any) to the scheduling grid will be implemented. 

Includes the "original" pre-2017 scheduling grid, the current Fall 2017 scheduling grid, and a starting point proposed grid.
Recorded Session Links:

Link to Power Point Presentation
Surveys will be going out on March 2, 2020.

  • Faculty/Staff Survey link:
  • Student Survey link: