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Accessing The REGIS Roster
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Incomplete Grades

Class rosters list the students enrolled in the course, and are the document on which instructors track the academic performance of their students through warning and final grades and other notes.   There are no hard copy rosters – all rosters are available only through the online REGIS (Rosters and Electronic Grading Information System) web roster system.   In order to access the web roster, the instructor must have a valid and active NetID and receive privileges to access the roster from the Dean, Department  Chair, or Department  Administrator.   If the instructor is having issues with his/her NetID, the instructor should see the NetID Management  website,  or contact the helpdesk at 856-225-6274 or

To log into REGIS

  1. Go to the Electronic Student Grading System website and select REGIS (Rosters and Electronic Grading Information System) under "Submit grades or change grades for the current semester."
  2. On Rutgers Central Authentication Service page, enter your NetID and password, leave Authentication type as Default, and select LOGIN.
  3. On the REGIS page, select the top tab that says "View Rosters."  On that page, select the tab that says "Quick Search" and enter the class information (Semester, Unit, Subject, Course, and Section) in the appropriate fields on the page, and select Retrieve Roster.
  4. The roster with enrolled students will be displayed. If you select the option to display the roster as an Excel file, you may also view the student emails.  It is also possible to view images of the students either by clicking on the “Section Photos (pdf)” link on the top right of the roster, or by clicking on the individual student names. 

Note that if a course is cross-listed among multiple departments (such as undergraduate and graduate, or History and English, etc.), then instructors will have to obtain permission through each department in which the class is listed to access the roster under that department.  For example, a course "Origins of the Internet" is listed under History, Sociology and Computer Science. Three rosters will be generated for the course, one for each of its listings. To access each, the instructor would need to have permissions activated by the History, Sociology and Computer Science departments.  Contact the department administrator for more information regarding that procedure.

Note that rosters that are blank (no students enrolled) will not display.  The user will receive an error message that “No class rosters found.”  This does not mean that the instructor does not have access – it means that the present roster has no enrollment so has not been generated.

If the instructor is able to log into REGIS but does not see the current semester or does not appear to be able to access their course, the problem may be in their permissions as granted by the department or dean.  The instructor in that case should contact their department to be given proper access to the course for the semester.  Please note that access must be given course by course every semester, and does not automatically roll over.

Instructors wanting to create an email list of the students in a class may use the RAMS system and add any email addresses of students in the class. It is recommended that instructors suggest to the students to create Net ID accounts so that they may access their grades, get Rutgers information, etc.  Instructors can additionally find an email list of students from the Roster page by selecting the “Download email addresses for Listserv" or “Download email addresses for Majordomo" options on the roster display page.  However this uses the default email information from the Registrar's student profiles.  Many students do not submit any email information, and often the default account is a Rutgers account that the student may not check with any regularity.

For additional help with the roster page, select the Help tab at the top of the Class Roster Application page.

Individuals must be granted access to view or interact with the REGIS roster.   To have access to the REGIS system, individuals must have a current and active NetID.   Individuals may be granted different levels of access to the REGIS system.   The present privilege levels are:
Read Only:  Ability to view and download class rosters but not to alter them.
Grader:  Ability to grant/revoke Read privileges, view and download class rosters, and submit grade rosters online.
Manager:  Ability to grant/revoke Read, Grader, and Manager privileges, and view and download class rosters.    Cannot submit grade rosters online.
Controller:  Ability to grant/revoke Read, Grader, Manager, and Controller privileges, view and download class rosters, and submit grade rosters online.

Notice that two of these roles allow the submission of grade rosters online and two do not.  The only people who should be granted Grader or Controller privileges are those who should actually be doing grade submissions.  General guidelines for assigned roles are as follows.

Read access is for course assistants and others who need access to online rosters but who will not submit grades.
Grader access is for course instructors who are responsible for submitting grades, but who do not have to do any further administration like granting and revoking privileges.
Manager access is for departmental staff who need to grant and revoke privileges but who do not assign course grades. 
Controller access is for departmental faculty who need to grant and revoke privileges and who additionally need to assign course grades.

Users who are assigned "ALL" Units and/or "ALL" Subjects will automatically retain those assigned privileges next term (privileges will roll over), all others will be terminated at the end of the semester and must be re-instated individually for subsequent terms.
To grant access:

  1. Access the Class Roster Application
  2. LOGIN with your NETID & PASSWORD
  3. Click on the VIEW & GRANT/REVOKE PRIVILEGES Tab at top of screen
  4. In the “Search Course Access Privileges” area at the bottom of the page, Enter the NetID of the individual or enter the Last name and first initial of the person you wish to grant access then click SEARCH
  5. This will generate a list of potential matches.  Select the specific instructor by clicking on the blue highlighted name of the person to receive access
  6. The page will then display the List of Access Privilegs for that instructor including all past semesters.   To revoke privileges for a specific course or department, select the box in the first column and click on “REVODE ACCESS PRIVILEGES” at the bottom of the list.
  7. To grant new course access, scroll down to bottom of page to the GRANT COURSE ACCESS AND GRADE CHANGE PRIVILEGES  section. 
  8. Enter the term , year,  and complete course information to be granted.  It is possible to limit the information to a school or department, so entering just 50 and 790 will grant access to all courses and sections under department 790.  Listing 50, 790, 101 will grant access to all sections of 50:790:101. 
  9. Select the button for the Role of the individual.  Please note that only one role may be selected for an individual.
  10. Click on the “Grant Access Privileges” button.  

Access is granted immediately, so individuals that have been given privileges should be able to use the system just after privileges have been granted.  There is not an overnight delay.

Grades should only be submitted using the REGIS system. Grades may only be submitted during the active grading period dates.  The active dates for adding Warning and Final grades are indicated at the top of the roster.  The option to submit grades will not be available before that period, and grades submitted after that period will not be accepted by REGIS.  Grades submitted later than 48 hours after the end of the class but still during the grading period may be entered by the Registrar’s Office – contact the Registrar’s Office directly for more information.  Grades submitted after the grading period has ended must be entered as individual Changes of Grades, each grade approved individually by the department chair and dean of the college. 

Enter a grade for each student that appears on the roster or attended the class.  The valid grades are listed on the Grade Symbols Section below   Enter the grades in the grade box to the right of the student’s information, and add any notes in the comments column if desired.   Enter a grade for every student on the roster.  Please note that instructors cannot enter a grade of W – that will appear on the roster automatically when the student withdraws from the course.

If a student appears on the roster but either has not attended or stopped attending, please submit a grade of F (do not use TZ)  for that student and indicate in the comments section the last time that the student attended the course.  If the student never attended, then indicate “never attended.”  It is the student’s responsibility to resolve registration issues, and if the registration is not resolved the F will remain on the student record.  

If a student attended the class but does not appear on the roster, the instructor should inform the student that there appears to be a problem with their registration and that the student should contact the Registrar’s Office to resolve any issues.  The instructor should add the student’s name, RUID (if known), and grade in the blank spaces provided at the bottom of the roster.  If the student resolves their registration before the term upload, then the grade will automatically revert to the regular roster space.  If the registration resolution occurs after the system upload, the grade may need to be manually adjusted by the Registrar’s Office.  The instructor in either case only has to add the grade to the bottom of the roster. 

When the instructor has entered and reviewed all grade information, the instructor should click on the SUBMIT button on the bottom of the roster.  ONCE THE ROSTER HAS BEEN SUBMITTED, GRADES CANNOT BE ALTERED ON THE ROSTER.  Any actions regarding the roster after that point will have to be done via a Change of Grade.  So instructors should be careful to review the roster before clicking on the Submit Button.

Grades represent the student's performance in a course and are recorded by the instructor within 48 hours of the end of the exam period.   Please note that the School of Law has a different procedure and set of grade definitions, so this information does not apply to the School of Law.

Grades are given out with the following symbols:



Numerical Equivalent






















Please note that Rutgers does not give out "minus" grades (such as "A-" or "B-") .  A grade of C or better is usually required for Major or Minor courses, while General Requirement courses must only be passed with a D or better.

*The grade of D is not valid for graduate level courses.  Students may only receive a C or better, F or IN for graduate courses (see also S/U below).

Other valid grade symbols are:

  • S/U: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory - given only when a course is taken on a non-credit basis. Courses graded S/U do not count towards the total number of credits for graduation and do not affect the student’s grade point average (GPA), but count as credits attempted for purposes of determining full-time/part-time status or for financial aid.  These grades are valid for non-credit  undergraduate courses such as 640:041 and 640:041 or 350:098 or 350:099.   These grades may also be given for certain graduate Research in Biology or Chemistry courses when the student is acting as a research assistant.     
  • PA/NC: Pass/No Credit - a non-numerical grade of PA/NC is assigned only to Rutgers University regularly enrolled students who have registered for an undergraduate course on a Pass/Fail basis when such registration is in accordance with the regulations of the school.   PA/NC is only done by permission of the instructor.  PA (Pass) is equivalent to an A, B, or C, while NC (No credit) is equivalent to a D or F.  Students must declare that the course will be graded PA/NC at the time of registration.  This cannot be changed retroactively.   Instructors should note which students on their roster are registered in this capacity.
  • IN: Incomplete - may be used by the instructor when the student is unable to fulfill the course requirements by the end of the regular term and the completion of such would substantially improve the grade. The instructor must submit an Electronic Change of Grade to change the IN to an appropriate letter grade once the course work has been completed.  Instructors must use the Incomplete Grade Extension Form to extend the IN grade beyond the normal deadline.  Undergraduate students who receive a grade of Incomplete will convert to an F according to the following schedule:
    Fall: February 1
    Winter:  February 15
    Spring: June 1
    Summer: September 15
    Graduate IN grades do not convert to an F.  They will remain as an IN indefinitely until the instructor submits a change of grade.
  • W: Withdrawn - indicates a student has officially withdrawn from class(es).  This grade is automatically applied by the registration system when a student officially withdraws from a course.  Instructors may not enter a grade of W.   If a student has stopped attending a class, the professor should assign a grade of TZ.
  • TZ: Temporarily assigned to a student who is involved in a grade dispute appeal or other circumstance where a grade may not be posted to the transcript.  TZ grades will automatically convert to an "F" grade on the following dates:
    Fall: May 1
    Spring: December 1
    Summer:  December 1
    Winter: April 1
  • RD/RF: Re-examination permitted. For use only when the instructor cannot assign a grade better than D and considers the final examination grade to be dramatically inconsistent with the student’s previous work as to merit a re-examination. The instructor should arrange with the student a re-examination, and the instructor must then process a change of grade. This must be done before February 1 for Fall and Winter, June 1 for Spring, and September 15 for Summer. At that time, an RD will convert to a D and an RF will convert to an F unless a Change of Grade has been submitted

Graduate School–Camden: A,B+,B,C+,C,F,S/U,IN,W,TZ
School of Business–Camden: A,B+,B,C+,C,F,S/U,IN,W,TZ
Graduate School-New Brunswick: A,B+,B,C+,C,F,S/U,IN,W,TZ
School of Social Work: A,B+,B,C+,C,F,IN,W,TZ
Graduate School-Newark: A,B+,B,C+,C,F,S/U,IN,W,TZ

Warning grades are no longer submitted through the REGIS system, but are collected using Raptor Connect (EAB).  Do not enter warning grades using the REGIS system.  Contact the Office of Student Academic Success for more information.

Grade changes are done via the Electronic Grade Change System (EGCS).  The instructor must know the student RUID and full course section information in order to submit a change of grade.  Each grade change has to be separately approved by the Department Chair of the course and the Dean of the College offering the course.   After all approvals have been processed, the grade will be posted to the student’s transcript.   Full instructions may be found here.

The Incomplete Grade may be used by the instructor when the student is unable to fulfill the course requirements by the end of the regular term.   In agreement between the instructor and the student, the student will complete the coursework in a reasonable time after the end of the course as determined by instructor.  The student will submit the completed work, and the instructor will change the grade to a regular letter grade. 

To change the grade from an IN to a letter grade, the instructor must submit an Electronic Change of Grade.    Once this is done, the regular letter grade will appear on the student’s transcript and the grade will be factored into the student’s GPA.

Undergraduate students who receive a grade of Incomplete will have that grade convert to an F (or NC or U) according to the following schedule if no action is taken by the instructor:
Fall: February 1
Winter:  February 15
Spring: June 1
Summer: September 15

If the instructor wishes to extend the deadline for an undergraduate student to complete their work, the instructor  must complete the Incomplete Grade Extension Form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office.  The Incomplete Grade Extension Form sets a specific date by which the work must be completed by the student or the grade will convert to an F (or NC or U).   No further notification is given to the student that the grade is reverting – it is the student’s responsibility to submit their coursework and prompt the instructor to submit the Change of Grade.

Graduate IN grades do not convert to an F.  They will remain as an IN indefinitely until the instructor submits a change of grade.